Special Vehicles

Terberg shunting tractors are used in over 90 countries. These vehicles are an efficient option for handling trailers and swap bodies. The range includes yard tractors, RoRo tractors, industrial tractors and road/rail tractors which are used in ports, distribution centres, heavy industry, railway shunting yards, tunnelling sites and airports.

Special Vehicles

Terberg tractors offer high performance and reliability and the lowest maintenance effort and fuel consumption. These tractors can be extensively customised to optimise their operational efficiency and are used in ports, distribution centres, heavy industry and other settings. International sales and service are supported by a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors.

  • YT yard tractors (4x2 drive) are our basic model for shunting trailers
  • TT terminal tractors (4x2) are designed for applications requiring extensive reversing, where a 180° swivelling seat is essential
  • RT RoRo tractors feature 4x4 drive and our 180° swivelling seat. The range also includes a heavy duty industrial tractor
  • BC body carriers carry swap bodies and shunt semitrailers
  • RR road/rail tractors operate on both roads and railway tracks

All models have spacious and comfortable cabs for greater safety and driver comfort. Our focus on fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance optimises your uptime and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.

Terberg Special Vehicles